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We Are an Innovative & Creative
Visual Production Company

The mission of Proficient Media Services is to provide professional media services to clients who wish to produce quality material for their companies, timeless memories of their events and creative content for their brands.  
Our experience in the film and television industry has prepared us to deliver an array of needs to our clients. 

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Proficient Media Services specializes in commercial content for small businesses, corporations and organizations. We can help develop, design and customize any kind of commercial content that represents the best depiction of your company, mission or initiative.

What We Do

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If there is a need for promotional material to advertise your business,
organization or cause, Proficient Media Services can satisfy that need. If
you are not sure about what you need, let’s sit down and discuss your
vision, target audience and how you would like to be perceived. We
produce a vast variety of promotional material for our clients.

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Live Events

Proficient Media Services is dedicated to capturing moments in time.
Rather they be emotional, monumental or legendary, we will be there to
catch lightning in a bottle. It doesn’t matter the scope of the production or
the execution needed to document it; we are experienced and equipped to
make it happen.

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Live Stream

From live award shows to private ceremonies and concerts, we film a variety of live events and performances. We use industry standard routers and world class streaming engines to assure the stability and security of the signal.

Social Media

We produce custom designed social media content for brands, with a creative look, optimized aspect ratio and unique aesthetic for specific audiences. Working exclusively with the client's marketing team, we hone in on what's most important and how they'd like to be perceived by the public.

Post Production

We are proficient in Premiere Pro, Davinci Resolve, After Effects, Photoshop & the entire Creative Cloud Suite. This workflow gives us the ability to deliver stunning videos for an array of different productions. We work closely with clients at home and abroad with the use of collaborative software to give them remote access and see the post-production process in real time.

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Proficient Media Services

We Capture, Create & Cultivate!

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Clients We've Worked With

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6803 Press Drive, Suite # 168, New
Orleans, LA 70126​



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